Mud Walk

Ruma Toru and Wha have been reading the Mud Walk big book by Joy Cowley. We decided to go on a mud walk of our own on the last day of term. Unfortunately the Palmerston North weather let us down. We hadn't had any rain for a while - very unusual!! So we decided to go on a bear hunt instead! We went down to the forrest to see what we could see. We had so much fun, exploring, wondering and observing. What a great activity to do on the last day of term.

Life Education

We were lucky to have Tim and Harold here from the Life Education Trust come to Hokowhitu School to talk to us about being a good friend and being resilient. Being resilient mens to bounce back after disappointment. We were also taught about our special our bodies are and that there is nobody else like ourselves.

Teddy Bear Day

We have based our maths over the last few weeks on Teddy Bears. We have sorted teddies, counted teddies, graphed teddies, added and subtracted with teddies, completed our basic facts with teddies and positioned teddies! Wow!!! So on Friday we decided to have a teddy bear day. We brought our teddies to school and had four fun activities in Ruma Tahi, Rua, Toru and Wha.  At lunchtime, we meet up in the hall to show off our teddies and to have a teddy bears picnic.

Rhyming Words.

We are learning about rhyming words. Clever girl Mila.

Visiting Hokowhitu Kindergarten

On Wednesday, Ruma Wha walked to Hokowhitu Kindergarten. Xavier's friends were really excited to see him. We enjoyed playing with the children at the kindergarten. They had lots of fun things for us to play with.

Day 3 Basketball

We were able to practise our basketball skills on the court today because it wasn't raining.
We practised our dribbling, bouncing, passing and catching. Miles showed us how to do chest passes. We needed to hold the ball on each side with our thumbs pointing up. When we pass the ball, our hands needed to turn so our thumbs pointed down. We try hard to catch the ball with 2 hands.

Cross Country

It was cold today when we got ready for the cross country. We wore our House tee-shirts to show which House we belonged to.

Mr Hawkins came to get us when it was time for our race. Miss Bisset helped us to warm up. Some of us were nervous. We lined up on the start line and Miss Bisset said, "Go!" We ran as fast as we could over the wet grass, over the hay bales, all around Hokowhitu Park , down the hill and across the court, then up the hill to the finish line. Some of our whanau came to watch. We were puffed at the finish because we had tried to keep running the whole way. We were striving to do our best!